Gas Cylinder Price in Chennai – July 1, 2022

Today’s LPG Price in Chennai –

Liquid Petroleum gas or Liquefied petroleum gas (commonly called as LPG or LP gas) is a Flammable mixture of Hydrocarbon gases used as for heating especially for cooking, gas welding and auto gas vehicles.

Gas Cylinder Rate in Chennai

Cylinder Rate in Chennai
14.2 kg cylinder ₹ 1018.50
19 kg cylinder ₹ 2507

To get Subsidy amount of your cylinder Provide Bank Details and Aadhaar Details to respective Distributor.Subsidy amount will be given for first 12 cylinder booked in the year (Banking Year).

Last 10 Months LPG Price in Chennai

Month Price/14.2 kg
May 19, 2022 Rs.1015.50
April, 2022 Rs.965.50
March, 2022 Rs.915.50
February 2022 Rs.915.50
January 2022 Rs.915.50
December 2021 Rs.915.50
November 2021 Rs.915.50
October 2021 Rs.915.50
September 2021 Rs.900.50
August 2021 Rs.875.50
July 2021 Rs.850.50
June 2021 Rs.825.00
May 2021 Rs.825.00
April 2021 Rs.825.00
March 2021 Rs.835.00

How to Book Cylinder through Registered Mobile Number

Indane Gas Online Booking Number – IVRS/SMS Bharat Gas Online Booking Number – IVRS/SMS HP Gas Online Booking Number – IVRS/SMS
8454955555 9486056789 9092223456

How to Book Your Cylinder through Mobile Application

Indane Gas Mobile Application Bharat Gas Mobile Application HP Gas Mobile Application
Download here Download here Download here

Emergency Customer care number

Indane Gas Helpline Number Bharat Gas Helpline Number HP Gas Helpline Number
1906 1906 1906

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cylinder Rate

What is the previous cylinder rate in chennai?


How much Rupees Increased on May 2022?

On May 7th 2022 LPG price has increased by Rs.50 on May 7, 2022

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