Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Today Fruits Price In Bangalore –

Apple1 Kg220.00
Avocado1 Kg180.00
Black Grape1 Kg80.00
Cherry1 Kg600.00
Coconut1 Piece30.00
Custard Apple1 Kg140.00
Date1 Kg480.00
Fig1 Kg180.00
Gooseberry1 Kg220.00
Green Banana1 Kg60.00
Green Grape1 Kg80.00
Jackfruit1 Kg170.00
Lemon1 Kg175.00
Mango1 Kg70.00
Mosambi1 Kg60.00
Orange1 Kg70.00
Papaya1 Kg90.00
Peach1 Kg230.00
Pear1 Kg185.00
Pineapple1 Kg90.00
Plum1 Kg280.00
Pomegranate1 Kg130.00
Sapota1 Kg90.00
Strawberry1 Kg420.00
Watermelon1 Kg25.00
Yellow Banana1 Kg65.00

Fruit price in Bangalore Market to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness.

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