Alcohol is Injurious to Health


About Alcohol

The alcohol is a drink, it contain ethanol and it’s formula C2H5OH. It is produced by the fermentation of fruits, or grains or some source of sugar.

In the world, 1/3 of people consume alcohol and each year, some amount of people die from alcohol.

The leading risk factor for disability and death is alcohol ranked as seventh in the worldwide. It is mostly affect the people between the age of 15-49 it causes self harm, accident and tuberculosis.

In India, from the report of National Family Health Survey, Kerala- men consume 37% of alcohol, behind Arunachal Pradesh- men consume 59% of alcohol.

In the present day, standard drink level of alcohol per day 10 grams of pure alcohol, it is also referred as “average consumption”.

Why Alcohol is Injurious to Health?

We are all know drinking too much of alcohol it will cause more effect in our body. When the person consume alcohol for long term it increase the risk of health condition including heart disease, stroke, liver cirrhosis and cancer. And it also damage mental health, reduce fertility and affect memory skills.

Heavy drinking of alcohol in daily life leads to cardiomyopathy, heart failure, stroke and high blood pressure and it also put more fat into body circulation. Every part or organ of the body is affected by consume of alcohol.

The progressive illness is alcoholism and it affects CNS( central nervous system). Alcoholic abuse causes psychiatric symptoms. For example confusion, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, narcisim and panic disorder.

Nowadays, many people like to drink alcohol, but they are also know the risk of consume alcohol and that people reduce consume alcohol in daily life to maintain health condition from the damage of organ or risk from the death rate.


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