How To Start A Stress Free Day



Do not put your phone on snooze. It is always beneficial to sleep early as to wake up early. People these days can not manage to do so, because they sleep late at night and by that action, there is a reaction that is, they make there schedule more complex and stressful when they do not wake up on time, by putting their phone on snooze and keep on procrastinating. Because at that time, your mind will say to sleep for only 5 minutes. But do not hammer your mind, to rule you. So at that very moment what you can do is, when your alarm rings, do not wait for the next 5 minutes. Just instruct your mind to get out of bed and tell yourself that you are strong enough to rule yourself.

Do Not Read A Newspaper

Many people have a habit of reading newspaper in the morning as soon as they woke up. If you are having this habit changed it. Before it fixes your mind. As a newspaper is full of all the negative news that have occurred during the day. So why to start a day by reading different painful situations? That gives you fear, anxiety and stress.

Drink Lemon Honey Water

I will always recommend you to start your day by drinking lemon honey water. As it gives you spontaneous energy and the power that makes you feel energetic throughout the day. This beverage is best to take on an empty stomach.

Go For A Morning Walk

You can go for a morning walk in the park because fresh air will make you feel fresh and rejuvenates from inside.


Meditation is the best practice anyone can do, to stop the inner chatting of the mind which is the best method to remove stress. As in this state, the person tries to focus, which helps them to know about the inner self.

Every Morning Look Into The Mirror And Say These Line:

In which so ever field you want yourself to be the best. Just paste it somewhere, while looking into the mirror with an eye contact. say,

I am the best speaker. I am fearless. See how the mind works, when you will start saying all these lines. Your mind will be going to accept this in real because what we think, mind exactly thinks the same.

Talk To Yourself

It’s important to give time in knowing yourself. That what exactly you are? what you want to be? And how can you get it? In the morning, you should find all your answers to lower the stress.

Do not check messages when you have just Woken up-These days people have adopted a new habit of checking phones as they woke up.Ater getting out of sleep, the very first thing they use to do is sending good morning messages. Its good somehow to send a message but in the morning you have many other crucial things to do. So don’t waste it.

Drink Lots Of Water

The best way to be stress-free is to drink water. You should Drink around 3-4 liters of water every day. That will help your body to remove toxins and make you toxin-free.

By following these above-mention solutions. You can save your life from getting it ruined, by the stress because stress is so powerful that it will suppress your hunger, energy, zest and make your life full of anxiety. Don’t let your stress hamper your life. Live a stress-free life.


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