Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

What is Stress?

The body response to demand or challenge is called stress. In the world, every person have experience stress in our life such as job, family, etc.,. The personal beliefs of stressful event are emotions such as anger and fear.

How to Relief Stress?

One of the important things to relieve stress is Exercise. Through exercise, physical stress on your body can relieve.

It helps to release endorphin, that improve your mood. Exercise improve quality of sleep and regular exercise helps to reduce stress.

Burning a scent candle or essential oil is help to reduce stress, some of them are lavender, rose, sandalwood, orange, neroli, bergamot and germanium.

Aromatherapy can improve sleep and decrease anxiety.

In coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks contain caffeine and it increase anxiety.

Family and friends can help to get through stress. Laughing is good for health and also help to relieve stress. In long term, it can also help to increase immune system.

The popular method of stress relief is yoga and exercise. Yoga is used to increase breath and body awareness. Benefits of yoga is related to effect on stress response and nervous system. It also help to low blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels and also increase, neurotransmitter and gamma amino butyric acid.

Listening of music can also help to relaxing the effect of the body. Music help to low blood pressure and stress hormones and heart rate.

Take deep breathing exercises is helps to activate paralympathetic nervous system. They are several types of breathing such as abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, paced respiration and belly breathing.

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