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The output of the above polynomial expression is displayed by the monomial calculator, a free online calculator. The computation is expedited by the Kiodigital online monomial calculator tool, which also shows the answer quickly.

What is Monomial?

A monomial may be a sort of polynomial, like, binomial and trinomial, which is an algebraic expression having only one term, which may be a non-zero. It consists of only one term which makes it easy to try to do the operation of addition, subtraction and multiplication. It consists of either just one variable or one coefficient or product of a variable and a coefficient with exponents as whole numbers, which represent just one term, unlike binomial and trinomial, which contains two and three terms respectively. It cannot have a variable within the denominator.

Easy Steps to use Monomial Calculator

This is a very simple tool for Monomial Calculator. Follow the given process to use this tool.

☛ Process 1: Enter the complete expression (Either like terms or unlike terms) in the input box

☛ Process 2: Click the button “Simplify” to get the output

☛ Process 3: The result of the given expression will be displayed in the new window

Examples on Monomial

Example 1:

Simplify the expression: 11x + 9x.


The given expression is 11x + 9x.

Since the given expression is like terms, we can add the given expression, which results in the monomial.

11x + 9x = 20x.

Therefore, the monomial 20x is the result of the given expression 11x + 9x.

Example 2:

Convert the given expression into monomial: 25z – 5z.


Given expression: 25z – 5z.

The expression can be subtracted to get a monomial, since the terms in the expressions are like terms.

Therefore, 25z – 5z = 20z.

So, 20z is the monomial equivalent of the expression 25z – 5z.

Example 3:

Simplify the expression: 5x2y (2xy).


Given expression: 5x2y (2xy).

On simplifying the above expression, we get

5x2y (2xy) = 10x3y2.

Hence, the monomial 10x3y2 is the result of the expression 5x2y (2xy).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Monomial Calculator

What is a monomial? Explain it.

A monomial is an algebraic expression that contains only one term. 

How helpful is a monomial calculator?

A monomial calculator is a tool that solves for the coefficients in a monomial. It can be used to find the addition, subtraction or product of two or more terms. It’s helpful for simplifying complex expressions involving polynomials.

When can monomial calculators be used?

A monomial calculator is a type of calculator that can be used to simplify expressions involving like or unlike terms. Monomial calculators are useful for simplifying complicated expressions. It can be used to find the sum or product or to find the difference between polynomial expressions.