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What is combining like terms?

We call terms “like terms” in the event that they have a similar variable part. For instance, 5x and 4x resemble terms, yet 5x and 4w, dislike terms.

The cool thing about like terms is that we can consolidate them into a solitary term by adding their coefficients. For instance:

☛ 5x+4x

☛ =(5+4)x

☛ =9x

Easy Steps to handle Combine Like Terms Calculator

This is a very simple tool for combining like terms. Follow the given process to use this tool.

☛ Process 1: Enter the complete equation in the input box i.e. across “Provide Required Input Value:”

☛ Process 2: Click “Enter Button for Final Output”.

☛ Process 3: After that a window will appear with final output.

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