An online application called the rounding decimals calculator shows the rounded value of a number. The online rounding decimals calculator application from Kiodigital speeds up calculations and provides a number’s rounded value in only a few seconds.

What are Rounding Decimals?

Rounding decimals is a process of reducing the digits after the decimal point. Rounding can be done in many ways. The most common is to round up or down to the nearest number.

We use the round place value, to make calculation easy and it’s also easy to understand. Look at the next place value to the hundredth after the decimal point, the place value is 5 or greater, just add 1 to the digit in tenths place or the place value is 4 or less, remove all the digits to the right.

What is Decimal place?

In the decimal place, the digit position to the right is all written after the decimal notation. For example- 1.234, 2 is the first decimal place, 3 is the second decimal place and 4 is the third decimal place.

To round place to decimal place:-

Initially, after the decimal point looks at the place value of the first digit, its rounding value to the first decimal place or the second decimal place.

Draw the vertical line to the right place value and look at the next digit.

Keep the previous digit value the same to the right, if it’s 4 or less remove all the numbers to the right and increase the previous digit or add one if its value is 5 or more.

How to Use a Rounding to Decimal Places Calculator?

The process to calculate decimal place as follows:-

Initially in the input field, enter the number.

Then click the “Submit” button to get the rounded value.

In the output field, the rounded value will be displayed in the window.

Solved Examples on Rounding Decimals

Question 1:

Round the number 1.423 to its nearest tenth.


Given decimal number is 1.423.

Since the hundredth position of the given number is 2, we can write the given number as 1.4, which is a number rounded to its nearest tenth.

Question 2:

Round the number 1. 5674 to its nearest hundredth.


Given decimal number is 1.5674.

To round the given number to its nearest hundredth, look at the digit which is present in the thousandth position, which is 7. Since, 7 is greater than 6, add 1 to the number which is present in the hundredth position. Hence, 6 + 1 = 7.

Therefore, the number 1.5674 rounded to its nearest hundredth is 1.57.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Rounding to Decimal Places Calculator

What is rounding decimals?

Rounding decimals is a process of reducing the number of decimal places in a number.

Round the number 4.236 to its nearest tenth?

The number 4.236 rounded to its nearest tenth is 4.2.

Round the number 3.569 to its nearest hundredth?

The number 3.569 rounded to its nearest hundredth is 3.57.