In Mathematics, percentage is defined by a number of ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. Percentage, name come from Latin word percentum. It is denoted by the symbol of “%” or “pct” or “pct.”.

Percentage (%) = (value/Total value)* 100 

The Percentage formula can also expressed as by the algebraic equations.

  • P=(Va/Vb)*100
  • P -> percentage
  • Va -> first value percentage will modify that the two values
  • Vb ->. Percentage operating on Va 

Percentage Difference Formula

The Percentage difference formula is defined by the dividing difference between two values of numbers by the average of two numbers. And, then multiply the result by 100 will gives the percent value. 

Percentage difference = | Va-Vb|/(Va+Vb/2) * 100 

Percentage Change Formula

Percentage change formula of increase and decrease are calculated by difference between two value and compare with initial value.

Percentage calculator computes increase or decrease of the input number. It involves convert the percent into decimal equivalent and either adding or substracting ( increase or decrease) the decimal equivalent and 1, respectively.

Amount after percentage change Calculator