Eruthukattu 2023

Check When and Where Eruthukattu is Happening in Vellore Districts – 2023 Streets

The Tamilnadu biggest bull race also known as Eruthukattu from the ground up is now taking place, aimed at boosting bull welfare in the race and increasing awareness of the sport. We’re also supporting the bull racing committees and the local community. Our event attracts over 8000 bull owners. With huge crowds, spectacular scenery and fast times for the first race of the day, the event has become a well-known event in the region. It is Oldest Event happening from past 1000 years. People use to gather for the festival and celebrate the Moments, Especially Youngsters will be having more craze on watching Eruthukattu. Eruthukattu mostly conducted in Vellore, Ranipet, Thirupattur, Krishnagiri, Tiruvannamalai Districts in Tamilnadu and also Chithoor District in Andhra alos conduct Eruthukattu. Eruthukattu will be hosted during month of January to May of every year in Varies Villages around