Life of Battery:-

  • It is an essential device, it stores chemical energy and that chemical energy is converted into electricity. Battery are arranged in parallel fashion or series fashion.
  • In 1749, the term battery was first used by American scientist Benjamin Franklin. At 1800, the Italian Physicist Alessandro Valto was invented the first true battery.
  • In salty water, Volta stack copper discs and zinc discs was separated by cloth and its soaked. At both the end of stack, wires are connected and its produced stable current. 0.76 volts are produced by each cell.
  • In the end of 19th century, before the development of electrical grids and electric generators, the main source of electricity is provided by battery.
  • The battery technology and scientific studies improves the telephones , telegraphs and also leads portable computers, electric cars, mobile phones and other electrical devices.

Types of Battery:-

The basic types of batteries are classified into two types:-

  1. Primary Batteries (Non- Rechargeable Batteries)
  2. Secondary Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries)

Primary Battery:-

Primary Batteries are used by only one time. It cannot be used again and cannot recharged. Primary Batteries are also called Non-Rechargeable Batteries.

Some types of battery for Primary Cell,

  • Alkaline battery
  • Daniel battery
  • Dry cell
  • Leclanche cell
  • Lithium battery
  • Magnesium battery
  • Silver oxide battery
  • Zinc carbon battery
  • Zinc chloride battery


Secondary Battery is type of electrical battery and it can be recharged many times and it’s opposed to primary battery. It is also called Rechargeable Battery and Storage Battery.

Some types of battery for Secondary Cell,

  • Aluminum-ion battery
  • Lead acid battery
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Magnesium-ion battery
  • Nickel zinc battery
  • Silver-zinc battery

Battery Manufacturing Company

Some company are manufacturer based on

  • Motor vehicle battery manufacturer
  • Electric vehicle battery manufacturer
  • Consumer battery manufacturer

Battery manufacturer company are some of them are given below:-

  • A123 systems
  • BYD company
  • Cobasys
  • Fulmen Batteries
  • Gold peak
  • Kodak
  • LG chem
  • Maxwell
  • Panasonic
  • TIAX
  • Valence Technology

How Battery Works?

Batteries have 3 parts

  • Anode( Negative)
  • Cathode(Positive)
  • Electrolyte

It’s working on the principle of Electrochemical reaction, Electromotive force.

It converts the chemical energy to electrical energy, that energy are stored in Li or Zn.

Flow of electrons from one material to another in a battery through an external circuit, it causes chemical reaction. For work, Electric current are used and it provides by flow of electrons.


Some of the applications for Batteries:-

  • Digital cameras
  • Power appliances
  • Cellphones
  • Electric cars
  • Satellites
  • Submarines
  • Wheel chairs

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