What is Differential Equation?

In Maths, a Differential equation is an equation that contains one or more functions with its derivatives. The derivatives of the function define the speed of change of a function at some extent . it’s mainly utilized in fields like physics, engineering, biology, and so on. the first purpose of the equation is that the study of solutions that satisfy the equations and therefore the properties of the solutions.

Types of Differential Equation

  • Ordinary differential equation
  • Partial differential equations

Easy Steps to use Differential Equation Calculator

This is a very simple tool for Differential Equation Calculator. Follow the given process to use this tool.

☛ Process 1: Enter the complete equation/value in the input box i.e. across “Provide Required Input Value:”

☛ Process 2: Click “Enter Button for Final Output”.

☛ Process 3: After that a window will appear with final output.

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