Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Mutton 1 Kg Price In Chennai Today –

Mutton/மட்டன்1 Kg650.00
Boneless Mutton/எலும்பு இல்லாத மட்டன்1 Kg750.00
Brain/மூளை1 Kg480.00
Head/தலை1 Piece240.00
Heart/இதயம்1 Kg470.00
Intestine/குடல்1 Kg420.00
Kidney/சிறுநீரகம்1 Kg450.00
Legs/கால்கள்1 Piece40.00
Liver/கல்லீரல்1 Kg450.00
Offal/ஆஃபால்1 Kg430.00
Tongue/நாக்கு1 Kg500.00
Tripe/ட்ரைப்1 Kg480.00

Mutton price in Chennai Market to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness.

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