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NECC Bangalore Egg Rate Today – Karnataka

The egg rate in Bangalore varies depending on the season and market conditions. However, eggs are generally cheaper in Bangalore than in other parts of India. The egg rate in Bangalore is affected by many factors, including the weather and the type of hen. Those who want to buy eggs or use them in recipes should be aware of these factors so that they can choose the best time to do so.

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Bangalore Egg Price Today (Beṅgaḷūrinalli indina moṭṭeya bele)-
Chicken Egg (Kōḷi moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 4.75
Country Chicken Egg (Dēśada kōḷi moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 10
Duck Egg (Bātukōḷi moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 10.00
Emu Bird Egg (Emu hakki moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 20.00
Quail Egg (Kvil moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 7.00
Turkey Egg (Ṭarki moṭṭe) 1 Piece Rs. 12.00

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bangalore Egg Price?

What is the egg rate in Bangalore today?

Rs. 4.75

What is the price of single egg in Bangalore?

Cost of Single egg in Bangalore – Rs. 4.75

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