Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Hyderabad Chicken Price

Today Chicken Price in Hyderabad

Check Daily Chicken Rates in Pune below with details

Chicken (చికెన్)1 Kg180.00
Boneless Chicken (ఎముకలు లేని చికెన్)1 Kg300.00
Country Chicken (దేశం చికెన్)1 Kg420.00
Live Chicken (లైవ్ చికెన్)1 Kg160.00
Chicken Liver (చికెన్ కాలేయం)1 Kg120.00
Skinless Chicken (చర్మం లేని చికెన్)1 Kg260.00

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hyderabad Chicken Price?

What is the Chicken price in Hyderabad Today?

Chicken price in Hyderabad Today is Rs.240

What is the Live chicken price in Hyderabad Today?

Live chicken price in Hyderabad Today is Rs.160

What is the cost of 1 kg chicken?

1 KG Chicken Cost Rs.240

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