Diesel Price in Chennai Today – November 24 2020

Diesel price in Chennai was decided every day morning 6 a.m. Indian Government has decided to change the Diesel price daily from 16th june 2017.

People who plans for long trip, don’t forget that everyday price of Diesel will be changed, it may differ based on every location

Diesel price in Chennai Today Live

Date Price
November 24 2020 ₹ 76.88 ⇑(Raised)

Last 5 Days Diesel Price

Date Cost
November 23 2020 ₹ 76.72
November 22 2020 ₹ 76.55
November 21 2020 ₹ 76.37
November 20 2020 ₹ 76.17
November 19 2020 ₹ 75.95

Points to note:
Fuel Prices may be differ from outlet to outlet within a state/city/town/village areas.

How Diesel is Produced

Diesel fuel is normally in the form of liquid fuel and it is used for diesel engines. It is one of the product produced from crued oil by refining process. The common term for diesel fuel is distillate file oil used for motor vehicles.


Diesel fuel is the most common type of fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil and not derived from Biomass to liquid or gas to liquid or bidiesel. Ultra low sulfur diesel is a standard diesel with low sulfur contents.

Before 2006, Diesel fuel sale with high quantity of sulfur and it’s produces air pollution that is harmful for human health. After 2006, it sale with low sulfur content that is ultra low sulfur diesel(ULSD).

The recombine of some shorter hydrocarbon chain distillates produce diesel fuel. The produced diesel fuel is ready for sale. 

  • USES:-

Diesel used for diesel engines like trucks, buses, trains, farm, boats and military vehicles. And it is also used for diesel generators to generate electricity. Many hospitals, large buildings, Industries are used for emergency power supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Diesel Price in Chennai

Who is the current Minister of Petroleum?

Dharmendra Pradhan

Is GST applicable on petrol?

No, GST is not applicable on Petrol

What time fuel price will be changed daily?

Fuel price will be changed daily Morning at 6.00 AM