Live Fish Rate in Chennai Today

Check Daily Sea Fish Rates in Chennai below with details

Sea Fish Variety Price
Koduva Rs. 750
Romio Rs. 400
Nethili Rs. 360
Pasunthi Rs. 460
Small Mayil Meen Rs. 280
Vanjaram Rs. 1100
Vanjaram Slice Rs. 1300
Maavula Rs. 650
Small Vanjaram Rs. 860
Adal Rs. 300
Pura Rs. 380
Ooli Rs. 380
Big Paar Meen Rs. 380
Kaalai Salamon Rs. 800
Vilaimeen 2 Rs. 350
Kilangaan Rs. 450
Vilai Meen Rs. 450
Kanava Rs. 500
Uruttu Rs. 420
Vettu Paarai Rs. 700
Vilai Meen Super Rs. 550
Sadaiyan Rs. 370
Kerai (Yellow Tuna) Rs. 350
Thadiyan Rs. 650
Kalinga Mural Rs. 500
Vaalai Mural Rs. 380
Iraal Rs. 700
Baar Nandu Rs. 350
Blue Nandu Rs. 600
Kan Nandu Rs. 390
Kili Meen Rs. 380
Thirukkai Rs. 280
Lena Paarai Rs. 200
Paarai Rs. 600
Selva Mural Rs. 450
Tuna Rs. 300
Kadavu Iraal Rs. 700
Vaaval Rs. 700
Kali Nandu Super Rs. 1300
Kali Nandu Small Rs. 600
Sangu Kari Rs. 500
Kiri Salai Rs. 240

Vanjaram Fish Rate in Chennai Today

Diviner fish is a delicacy in a few districts of India. In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, this fish is classified “Vanjaram” in Tamil/Telugu just as “Shermai” among Dakhni individuals and is normally the costliest assortment accessible. In Maharashtra they are called Surmai, in Goa (in Konkani language ) it is called iswan or viswon. In Malabar (North Kerala) it is called Ayakoora whereas in South Kerala it is called Ney-meen. In Karnataka particularly in the locale of Tulunadu(Dakshina Kannada) they are called Anjal. They can be seared, barbecued, and made as curry. As well as being cooked and eaten when new, it is additionally used to make fish pickle, generally eaten as fixing with rice.

Salmon Fish Price in Chennai Today

Commonly, salmon are anadromous: they bring forth in new water, move to the sea, then, at that point get back to new water to replicate. In any case, populaces of a few animal categories are confined to new water for the duration of their lives. Old stories has it that the fish get back to the specific spot where they incubated to bring forth. Following examinations have demonstrated this to be for the most part obvious. A bit of a returning salmon run may wander and generate in various freshwater frameworks; the percent of wandering relies upon the types of salmon. Homing conduct has been displayed to rely upon olfactory memory. Salmon date back to the Neogene.

Tuna Fish Price in Chennai Today

Fish, opah, and mackerel sharks are the lone types of fish that can keep an internal heat level higher than that of the encompassing water. A functioning and nimble hunter, the fish has a smooth, smoothed out body, and is among the quickest swimming pelagic fish – the yellowfin fish, for instance, is fit for paces of up to 75 km/h (47 mph).Greatly expanded velocities can be found in early logical reports and still generally detailed in the well known writing. Found in warm oceans, it is broadly fished monetarily, and is mainstream as a game fish. Because of overfishing, some fish species, like the southern bluefin fish, are undermined with termination.

Koduva Fish Rate in Chennai Today

Ocean Bass fishes are different neatly molded, dynamic, unpleasant fishes of both new and salt water. The body is elliptical, packed, the back very little raised, head elongated conic, lower jaw unmistakable, teeth on jaws, the inward depressible, generally no teeth or tongue.

Pomfret Fish Rate in Chennai Today

Pomfrets are perciform fishes having a place with the family Bramidae. The family presently incorporates 20 species across seven genera. A few animal categories are significant food hotspots for people, particularly brama in the South Asia. The previous type of the pomfret’s name was “pamflet”, a word which likely at last comes from Portuguese pampo, alluding to different fish like the blue butterfish (Stromateus fiatola). The fish meat is white in shading.

Prawn Fish Price in Chennai Today

The expression “prawn” is utilized especially in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Commonwealth countries, for huge swimming shellfish or shrimp, particularly those with business importance in the fishing business. Shrimp that are available in this class regularly have a place with the suborder Dendrobranchiata. In North America, the term is utilized less as often as possible, commonly for freshwater shrimp. The terms shrimp and prawn themselves need logical standing. Throughout the long term, the manner in which they are utilized has changed, and nowadays the terms are practically exchangeable.

Sankara Fish Rate in Chennai Today

The northern red snapper’s body is very similar in shape to other snappers, such as the mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, and dog snapper. All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin, and a laterally compressed body. Northern red snapper have short, sharp, needle-like teeth, but they lack the prominent upper canine teeth found on the mutton, dog, and mangrove snappers. They are rather large and are red in color.

Viral Fish Price in Chennai Today

Live Murrel fish is known as Viral meen/Viral fish in Tamil . It is a delicacy in Tamilnadu , Kerala and Andhra Pradesh . It is generally pursued because of its particular flavor and taste

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60+ Fish Types in Tamil

  • வரி பாரை மீன் ( vari Paarai)
  • வயம் பாரை மீன் (vayam Parai)
  • காரப்பொடி (Karapodi)
  • திருக்கை மீன் (Thirukkai)
  • கண்ணாடி கென்டை (Kannadi kendai), ரோகு (Rohu )
  • ஜிலேபி மீன் (Jalebi Kendai)
  • வாளை மீன்(Vaala meen)
  • காளா (Kaala )
  • நாக்கு மீன்(Naaku Meen)
  • ஓங்கில் (onkil)
  • வௌவால் மீன்(Vavval), வெள்ளை வாவல் மீன் (vellai vavval meen)
  • வௌவால் மீன்(Vavval), கருப்பு வாவல் மீன் (karupu vavval meen)
  • அம்பட்டன்வாளை, சொட்டைவாளை or அம்புட்டன் (Ambattan walai, Chottai walai or Ambuttan)
  • கறிமீன்(Karimeen)
  • ஊலம் / ஊலும்(Ullam/Oolum)
  • அயிரை (Ayira)
  • மடவை மீன் (madavai )
  • கடல் விறால் (Kadal Viral)
  • பூங்குழலி மீன் / கடல் பூமீன் (Poongulazhi fish / Kadal Poomeen)
  • கிளாத்தி(kilatni) /கோழி மீன்/ Thol /கிளாத்தி ஐ வாவல்
  • சூரை மீன் (soorai meen )
  • ஒர மீன்(Ora meen )
  • பச்சை எலிமீன் ( Pachai elimeen )
  • கூரை காத்தலை(koorai kathalai )
  • உடுவான்/ உடுவான்(oodavan/oodan)
  • தண்ணி பண்ண/தும்துளி (thanni panna/thumuli)
  • உடுப்பாத்தி மீன் (oolupathi meen )
  • முரல் மீன் / கம்பு மீன்(Mural meen/ kampu meen)
  • சிங்கி இரால் / சிங்கி இறால்(Singi irral)
  • நண்டு (nadu)
  • இறால் (irral)
  • ஆழி (Aazhi), கடல் சிப்பி(kadal chippi)
  • விலாங்கு மீன் (Vilangu Meen) / கடல் பாம்பு
  • நெத்திலி மீன்(Nethili)
  • ஷீலா(Sheela),
  • ஊளி மீன்(Ooli)
  • கொடுவா மீன்(Koduva)
  • வங்கரவாஸி மீன் (Vangaravasi)
  • விரால் மீன் (Viral Meen)
  • கெளுத்தி மீன் (Kelluthi)
  • கட்லா (Katla), கெண்டை (Kendai)
  • கோழி மீன் (Kozhimeen)fish names
  • கொடை மீன் (Koddai Meen)
  • கனவா மீன்(Kanava)
  • விலை மீன் / விளமீன்(Vela meen) / வெல மீன் / விளைமீன்
  • சங்கரா / கிளிமீன் (Sankara/Kilimeen)
  • சீன வாரை(Cheena vaarai), கக்காஸி(Kakkasi )
  • பறவை கோலா{(Paravai Kola)
  • கோலா{(Kola), கொக்கி மீன்(Kokki meen)
  • புல் கெண்டை மீன் (Pul kendai meen)
  • களவாய் மீன் (kalavai)
  • பால் சுறா(paal sura)
  • அயில (Ayila) / கானாங்கெளுத்தி(kaannakeluthi)
  • வஞ்சிரம் மீன்( Vanjiram )
  • மத்தி மீன் ( Mathi Meen )
  • கிழங்கான் மீன்(Kilanga Meen)
  • பாரை மீன் (Paarai)
  • மொசைக் பாரை மீன் (mosaik Paarai)
  • கண்ணாடி பாரை மீன் ( kannadi Paarai)
  • சூரா முன்ஜி பாரை மீன் (Sura mun ji Paarai)
  • கண்டைக்கி பாரை மீன் (kandaingi Paarai)
  • அரா பாரை மீன் (arra Paarai)

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