Petrol Price in Chennai Today – February 25 2021

Petrol price in Chennai was decided every day morning 6 a.m. Indian Government has decided to change the petrol price daily from 16th June 2017.

People who plans for long trip, don’t forget that everyday price of Petrol will be changed, it may differ based on every location

Petrol Rate in Chennai Today

Date Price
February 25 2021 ₹ 92.90 hArr;(No Change)

Last 5 Days Petrol Price in Chennai

Date Cost/litre
February 24 2021 ₹ 92.90
February 23 2021 ₹ 92.90
February 22 2021 ₹ 92.59
February 21 2021 ₹ 92.59
February 20 2021 ₹ 92.59

Petrol Comes From Which Country To India


Oil and gas industry was discovered in Digboi in Assam. In 1960s, India started the natural gas industry in Gujarat and Assam. In India , the oil imports percentage was 82.


In last year, Assam 27% and Western offshore 40% are the largest reserves in India. The natural gas 3.8% was increased from the last year. The Western offshore and Eastern offshore is the largest reserves in natural gas.

  • Strategic petroleum reserves:-

Petrol reserves are build like tank storage, underground tank storage, etc.,..

Padur, Mangalore and Visakhapatnam are the three location was used to store crude oil.


India is mostly depent on LNG and crude oil. Import of LNG is 45.3% and crude oil is 82.8%. In 2019, the third biggest oil importer is India in the world.


In 2017-18, India produced 35.68MTs of crued petrol. It also produces petrol products and produced 254.40MTs in the last year. In India 23 crude oil refineries, in that 18 was state-owned, 2 was joint venture and 3 was private owned.

In the country, the state owned of Indian oil corporation is the largest refiner by capacity. Many refiners are used to produce lighter oils like petrol, diesel,etc.,..


In the world, the third largest consumer of crude oil is India. The total world oil consumption in the year of 2016-17 is 4.8% in India. The total world natural gas consumption is 2016-17 is 1.41%. Energy and non-energy are consumed by natural gas.

  • TRADE:-

After United States and China, the third largest oil importer is India and it’s mostly depend on crude oil. India is a exporter of petrol products, it is increased from 38.9MT to 66.8MT. India import dependent for crude oil is 82.8% and LNG is 45.3%.


In India, the price was vary by state and central government taxes for fuel. The state and central government increase the tax half of the petrol price. The state government taxes about 20-25% of final cost and central government taxes about 24-26% of final cost. Finally half of the price increased by government.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fuel Price

Who is the current Minister of Petroleum?

Dharmendra Pradhan

Is GST applicable on petrol?

No, GST is not applicable on Petrol

What time fuel price will be changed daily

Fuel price will be changed daily Morning at 6.00 AM

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