Andhra Pradesh Chicken Rate Today


Today’s Chicken Rate In Andhra Pradesh

Check Daily Chicken Rates in Andhra Pradesh below with details

Chicken (చికెన్)1 Kg180.00
Boneless Chicken (ఎముకలు లేని చికెన్)1 Kg200.00
Country Chicken (దేశం చికెన్)1 Kg420.00
Live Chicken (లైవ్ చికెన్)1 Kg120.00
Chicken Liver (చికెన్ కాలేయం)1 Kg160.00
Skinless Chicken (చర్మం లేని చికెన్)1 Kg190.00

Andhra Pradesh Chicken Rate

Every day the fluctuation in chicken rates has been a topic of considerable interest in Andhra Pradesh, a state known for its rich culinary heritage and vibrant food culture. Chicken, a most important protein source in many house and a key ingredient in local dishes, has experienced varying price trends due to a confluence of factors.

Fluctuations in chicken rates can be attributed to multiple factors. Sudden spikes or dips in demand, especially during festive seasons or public holidays, can lead to price fluctuations. directly affect production costs and subsequently influence market rates. Transportation expenses, influenced by fuel prices and infrastructure conditions, also play a role.

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