What is a dimension?
Dimension analysis is the conversion of units from one-dimensional unit to another dimensional unit.
It is very useful to check the correctness of given physical relation and it cannot be used to derive composite relations and relationships between more than three quantities.

They are some base for SI units:-
Length – Meter(m).
Mass – Kilogram(Kg)
Time – Second (s)
Electric current – Ampere (A)
Thermodynamics Temperature – Kelvin(k)
Amount of substance – mole(mol)
Luminous Intensity – candela(cd)

Steps For Use The Dimensional Analysis Calculator:-

Follow the procedure to calculate the Dimensional analysis.
STEP 1: In the input field, enter two physical quantities.
STEP 2: For the output, press or click the button ‘ Submit’.
STEP 3: The screen or window will display the Dimensional analysis.

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