What is Distributive property?

It is the property to solve the expression, the basic form of distribute property is represented by in the form of a(b+c). Then it gives the simplified expression value ab+ac.

Sometimes, distribute property are also called Distribution Law of Multiplication and Division. Before doing the addition process, we need to multiply first. In mathematics, Distributive Law are related in addition operation and multiplication operation.

a(b+c) = ab+ac

In the left side, Factor a can multiplied with (b+c) and give the left side result in the form of ab+ac.

Some examples for Distributive property are give below:-

  • 1(2+3) = 1*2 + 1*3

= 2 + 3

= 5

  • 4(2+6) = 4*2 + 4*6

= 8 + 24

= 32

Distributive Property Calculator gives the simplified expression value in the output side. 

Procedure To Enter The Expression And Get The Result In Distributive Property Calculator:-

  • In the Input box, enter the expression value for Distributive property.
  • Next click the submit button and get the simplified output result in the displayed window for the Distributive property.