Turmeric Price in Erode Today – July 30 2021

Online Turmeric Price of Erode and Salem Mandi

At Erode Turmeric prices weren’t decided by farmers daily. Turmeric Price in erode crossed over Rs.10000 after 4 years in April 2021. This is the right time for the farmers to sell Old and New Turmeric Stocks. Limited Time Hike of Turmeric due to the election. Farmers feel happy now!. After a month it started reducing day by day and in June it decreased below 8000.

Erode Manjal Market Vilai

Turmeric Price in Erode – July 30 2021

Daily Turmeric Price per Quintal (100kg bag = 1 Qunital)
Erode Finger Rs.7600 – 7800
Erode bulb Rs.6700 – 6900
Salem Finger Rs.9000 – 9200
Mini Salem Finger Rs.7800 – 8000
Salem bulb Rs.7500 – 7700
8 No Finger Rs.6800 – 7000
8 No bulb Rs.5400 – 5600

Anyhow these prices are decided based on the buyers and quality of the product.

All Saturday and Sunday declared has Holidays
தமிழில் மஞ்சள் விலையை அறிய


  • Introduction
  • Varieties
  • Temperature and soil condition
  • Planting
  • Fertilizers
  • Harvesting
  • Polishing


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Turmeric Plant

The Botanical name of Turmeric is Curcuma longa. The plants have large leaves and it’s grown upto 5 feet tall.


They are more varieties of Turmeric. Some of these are CO1, Suvarna, Sudharshana, Suguna, Sugundham, Roma, Krishna, Rajendrasonia, Suroma, Rashmi, Ranga, etc.,


Turmeric normally grown in a temperature of 20-30°c and the rainfall is 1500-2250 mm/annum.

It can grown in different soil like light black, red soil and ashy loan.


During the month of April to May, the turmeric rhizomes are put into the watery soil. The mother rhizomes with bud are planting in the bed rows with a space of 1 feet. The bed rows are 1 feet width and 15cm height. The gap between the rows as 1.5 to 2 feet.


Protect from pest and disease, we are use some fertilizers. The basal dosage for the plant are NPK.Every after 15 days weeding the plants depend upon the weed intensity. After 90 days DAB are used for the plant and then after 120 days – complex, potash,neem waste and feedon are used. And last after 8 months urea is used for strength the plant.


Some diseases affect the plant to grown wealth.Taphrina maculans(leaf blotch) is one of the diseases, it is oval or irregular brown spot on either side of the leaves. It turns the green leaves into yellow leaves.It can be controlled by spray of Dithane.


The plant Turmeric is ready for harvesting in 9 to 10 months depend on the variety. When the stem and leaves are turn into brown and dry up the rhizomes are extracted. From the mother rhizomes, the finger rhizomes are separated. The rhizomes are boiling and then drying in the sun for 11 days(Bulb) and 9 days for Finger.


After dried up it look dull color for improving the appearance of the surface is polished and smoothened. After polishing, it’s ready for sale.

Every year in the month of July and August Turmeric Prices increases because of ஆடி மாதம் (Aadi month) famous month in tamil nadu.

Frequently Asked Questions on Turmeric Price

Finger Variety Turmeric Price in Erode?

Rs.7600 – 7800

Bulb Variety Turmeric Price in Erode?

Rs.6700 – 6900

Turmeric Latest News?

Turmeric Price Crossed over Rs.10000 after 4 years. Farmers are Happy Now! time to sell

Is Erode Turmeric market is belongs to Government or Private??

It Completely belongs to Government.


  1. Great job! This helps many farmers, sellers of turmeric in Tamilnadu

    1. Thank you for your visit.

      1. Sir please our 40 kwintal termeric pls how much rate sir

        1. Hi,
          Rate based on Old stock and new stock!
          Kindly check the page for current rate of erode and salem type turmeric.

      2. Ur number please

        1. Contact Person : Karthi
          Phone Number = 9843042636

      3. Do you also sell turmeric?

        1. Yes,
          Contact Person : Karthi
          Phone Number = 9843042636

          1. what th price of errod bulb and salem finger and 8no bulb haldi

        2. Yes

  2. How many pieces will one kg of Salem bulb and No 8 bulb contain?

    1. Hi,

      We cannot predict the exact number of pieces for kg.

  3. Any chance on increase in price coming days?

    1. Hi Dhanaraj,

      Price will increase upto RS.200 to RS.300 per quintal. If your product is fresh and good so buyers will get it for more price than average cost.

    2. Turmeric need please your company contact

  4. What is the price of the two years old turmeric

    1. Hi Palanisamy,
      8 No Finger Variety= Rs.5700 – 5900
      8 No bulb Variety= Rs.4800 – 5000

  5. how do buy erode Manjal…?

    1. Dear Suresh,

      You can buy Manjal in Erode mandi for wholesale or you can buy from farmers also. Both is possible for you to buy manjal

    2. If you need turmeric bulb or fingers , do call us at 9894748666

  6. Can i get organic carrot and beatroot nearby?

  7. I am from Mysore, have two tons of fresh turmeric.what will be market price

    1. Dear Swamy,

      Based on the erode type turmeric 2 ton cost = approximately ₹122000 ( 100kg is one bag )

      Contact below number for more information.
      Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

      1. I can buy fresh turmeric please let me know srienterprise@hotmail.com

      2. Will you able to send 3 kgs if bulb manjal to chennai?

  8. we want purchase 5000kg 8no bulb turmeric, send me guinune party name and contact no.! require every month!

    1. Contact below number for more information.
      Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

    2. Contact 9448558013

      1. Please provide mini Selam haldi rate and contact detail person. How to buy in meerut(U.P)

        1. Contact Person : Karthi
          Phone Number = 9843042636

    3. You can contact SK Agro Products +9843577877 , they are genuine sellers who supply us Turmeric.

    4. Contact below number for more information.
      Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

  9. What is the difference between erode manjal and Salem manjal

    1. Hello kaviyarasu,

      It’s nothing but the variety of turmeric. (QUALITY wise salem variety always goes for good price but erode variety will goes for less price)

      Contact below number for more information.
      Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

  10. I am looking turmeric in bulk for exports can you guide / can I refer with you frequently by Whatcom message. Good Day
    Dr Saseetharan

    1. Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

  11. Thank u
    Will there be any chance that the prices may increase for erode variety here after?

    1. Yes it may increase upto 500 to 1000 in next 2 months as per stastical data.

      Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

      1. Thank you…This is very helpful…

        1. Will termeric price increase in near future?

  12. When will raise turmeric price

    1. As per the economic situation it won’t increase

  13. Hello sir the turmeric price will increase next few months. It is true… Pls tell me something reason your point of you….

  14. Sir, i want to buying termeric for stock… Is this month is suitable for stock?
    When will increase prize?

    1. Sir as per market and economic situation it wont be increase. If u wanna buy turmeric contact us

  15. What is the price of 4 months of old turmeric

  16. If turmeric price will increase on going days

  17. What is cheapest price of 10tons of finger turmeric in season.
    I m from odisha.
    Plz contact me.
    Pintu ji.

    1. Depends on as per market price sir. Now for 10 tons Rs. 6 lakhs approx for best fingure turmeric.

    2. Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

  18. Hi sir,

    Please update rate for mother turmeric ..

    1. Mother turmeric dry 10000 per quintal sir.

    2. Contact Person : Karthi
      Phone Number = 9843042636

      Get details by contacting the above person

  19. Contact Person : Karthi
    Phone Number = 9843042636

  20. Hi sir mother turmeric price today ??

    1. 15000 per quintal

  21. Sir Turmeric rate will increase after election 2021

  22. Types of turmeric that doesn’t turn black after powdered? Please tell the name of that turmeric and why it’s turn black.what is different Salem Finger and mini Salem finger
    Ramanath, from Kerala

    1. Ramanath sir only mother turmeric colour turn black. Salem finger little bigger in size. Erode finger turmeric little smaller in size. If u need to buy turmeric contact. 9739663484

  23. Minimum how much order can place?

    1. Kumaran sir how much u need u can order us

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