Egg Rate in Muzaffarpur

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Egg Price in Muzaffarpur Today

Muzaffarpur Egg Price Today (मुजफ्फरपुर में आज का अंडे का भाव)-
Chicken Egg (murgee ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 4.45
Country Chicken Egg (deshee chikan anda) 1 Piece Rs. 10
Duck Egg (battakh ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 10.00
Emu Bird Egg (emu pakshee anda) 1 Piece Rs. 20.00
Quail Egg (bater ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 7.00
Turkey Egg (turkee anda) 1 Piece Rs. 12.00

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Frequently Asked Questions on Muzaffarpur Egg Price?

What is the egg rate in Muzaffarpur today?

Rs. 4.45

What is the price of single egg in Muzaffarpur ?

Cost of Single egg in Muzaffarpur – Rs. 4.45

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