Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Today Vegetables Rate in Nashik –

Check Daily Vegetable Rates of Nashik Market below with details

Kohlrabi (kolhaabee)1 Kg25.00
Bangalore Tomato (Baingalor Tamaatar)1 Kg45.00
Ladies Finger (Bhindee)1 Kg35.00
Mint (Pudeena)1 Bunch10.00
Beans (Phaliyaan)1 Kg80.00
Beetroot (Chukandar)1 Kg45.00
Bitter Gourd (Karela)1 Kg60.00
Bottle Gourd (lokee)1 Kg20.00
Brinjal (baingan)1 Kg40.00
Broad Beans (vyaapak sem)1 Kg45.00
Cabbage (patta gobhee)1 Kg25.00
Cauliflower (phoolagobhee)1 Piece45.00
Chayote (chaayot)1 Kg35.00
Colocasia (aalukee)1 Kg50.00
Coriander Leaves (dhanie ke patte)1 Bunch20.00
Cucumber (kheera)1 Kg30.00
Capsicum (shimala mirch)1 Kg55.00
Carrot (gaajar)1 Kg50.00
Drumstick (dhol ka chhadee)1 Kg60.00
Ginger (adarak)1 Kg240.00
Green Chili (haree mirch)1 Kg40.00
Green Plantain (hara paudha)1 Piece10.00
Onion (pyaaj)1 Kg25.00
Small Onion (chhota pyaaj)1 Kg70.00
Plantain Flower (kela phool)1 Kg25.00
Plantain Stem (plaantain stem)1 Piece10.00
Potato (aaloo)1 Kg20.00
Pumpkin (kaddoo)1 Kg20.00
Radish (moolee)1 Kg30.00
Ridge Gourd (turee)1 Kg20.00
Scarlet Gourd (skaaralet laukee)1 Kg25.00
Snake Gourd (chichinda)1 Kg25.00
Sweet Potato (shakarakand)1 Kg25.00
Tapioca (taipioka)1 Kg30.00
Tomato (tamaatar)1 Kg40.00
Yam (jimikand)1 Kg75.00

Vegetables Rates in Other Cities:

Vegetable price in Nashik Market to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness.

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