How to Crack govt Exam in First Attempt


How to crack Government Exam without Coaching?

Every year more than 30 Lakhs students apply for government jobs but somehow they couldn’t nail it because of lack of preparation in some areas. Although there is bountiful opportunity in private sectors but still majority of them prefer for government jobs only because of its facility, security or permanent settlement till retirement. Most of the candidates want to establish their career in government sector as it, guarantees lifetime security. Many think of getting government job but rarely they prepare for this. Cracking government competitive exam is not that much easy for everyone. To get any Government Job you have a smart move regarding strategies you make. The right blend of knowledge and practical approach towards solving questions in a lesser period of time, can make you stand out of Que. Usually, competitive exams compromise of numerous questions from different subjects. As a candidate, you   require to answer questions from every section. Therefore, it’s important to manage time. Your only objective should be to gather maximum marks in every section and clear the minimum cutoff. If you are able to manage this, you can easily qualify in a very first attempt. To crack any competitive exam, you first need to understand the pre-requisites of that particular examination. Here are some tactics that will help you to crack your exam in a single attempt to get any Government Job you have dreamt of.

 Knowledge of syllabus

The very first step is to go through the syllabus thoroughly, because on the basis of syllabus you can start your preparation step by step. It is the most important and basic thing to do. It will help in covering all the essential points without missing any. Subjects such as Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, English and General Knowledge are common for every competitive exam.It depends from exam to exam that in which exam what thing has how much weightage.

Best study material

The second most important thing for cracking exam at once is the candidate should be knowing about the best study material. Like that many publications provide best sample papers and preparation material that comes in exam of the same pattern .so it makes easier for the student to go through the same pattern that comes in exam .and also through previous year question papers that will give ideas about what type of questions can come.

Time allotment for preparation

it’s important to keep in mind that a candidate should give time to all the subjects suppose there is only 3-month time for you to prepare for your examination. So, your focus should be to use these 120 days for preparing all the subjects. Time allotment depends upon the how much time you want to give on which subject to strengthen out that portion.


If you have speed, nothing can stop you. Since all competitive exams are time bound you should be fast enough to solve as many problems as possible. Speed optimization is only possible when you have good practice.

Preparing a study chart

It is the best way to complete the syllabus on time. Make a time schedule for a weak which contain details on which subject will you give how much time. It is important to touch each subject on a daily basis such that you do not lose what you have learnt. With this gradual procedure, you will be in a position to complete the syllabus on time.


Everybody knows ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. May it be any subject like, mathematics or logical reasoning, if you are practicing a portion of that on a daily basis, there are less chances of making a mistakes in the exam. Giving a lot of time in solving practice papers or previous papers will help you a lot in maintain your speed. Do not leave any subject unrevised for more than 3 days.

Vedic Math

 When you have to multiply big numbers it’s a tedious task for you to do in exams as it takes a lot of time to multiply. So miraculously there is a thing called Vedic math, is about the short cuts of performing arithmetic calculations like, multiplying and dividing big numbers within seconds. This is the important segment where you have to work, so that you can save your time in lengthy calculations.

Working on weak areas

You can convert yours weaknesses into strengths. Mostly, students have a common weakness that of math, they can go for easy topics like simplification, so they can meet the required minimum cut off for passing. You can leave tougher it will save time.

Focusing on your strength

The shortcut to Qualify exams is that, if you are strong in one subject, make that subject much stronger. So that you can score maximum marks in that subject. It will give you an advantage over others.

Do not go into new areas

It is foolish to get into something new just few days before the examination. This is because to start a new topic you need time to get into the subject matter, and if you will not get the stuff it will be a wastage of time and it decreases the confidence of the candidate.

Plan for answering

Start with the questions which you can answer easily. Do not spend more time in solving single question.


The most important thing is concentration, while studying concentration and focus is the most prior thing you will need. What happens is when students use to study suddenly they started thinking of something else? So try to avoid all distractions while studying. Because you have to only focus on your aim.

Acquire guidance from seniors

 Take guidance from seniors who have already qualified it, that will help a lot. As they are the experienced ones they would be knowing things in depth.

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Smart study

The objective of competitive exams is to hire the best students.This is not important how much knowledge you have, the thing which is important is to apply your knowledge at right place ,by solving questions correctly on time. If you have knowledge but you can’t apply it on time.Its worthless. This means that you are required to be smart enough to choose the easy ones and solve them first, rather than struggling with the hard ones.

Stay Positive

When the day of the exam is about to come, just relax. Take this exam as work and do not feel nervous. Always remember that you gave your 100 percent and the best is about to come. Just think about the strategy you have made regarding attempting different questions from different sections. After investing many hours in studying and in solving practice papers the day will come when your dream Government job will knock at your door! A very Best of Luck with your competitive exams

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