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How To Study For Board Exams In One Month

Study for board exams in one month is not possible so you have to follow the smart way to study.

The following points be helpful to study for board exam:

  • Make a schedule to read. During the starting days, you will find it difficult to follow the schedule to read but the following days with time you will get used to it.
  • Never read one subject completely in one day, divide the time and include at least three to four subjects every day. Fix a target for the day, aiming to complete particular portions of the various subjects daily, it must give concentration.
  • Use important keywords while writing the answers. Half-hearted answers won’t fetch you marks. Know what to write and what not to write. If required, check the past few year’s papers and have a brief idea about the format of the papers.
  • Avoid studying only certain topics. Cover all the topics as much as possible. You never know whether questions from previous years will repeat or not.
  • Keep a copy while studying. I would suggest to write down the important points while studying the subject. This would be helpful when you revise before the exams. It is very useful.
  • Keep aside some time for refreshments and relaxations the mind.
  • Avoid being active in social Medias much.  Make sure you don’t waste much time on all these.
  • Before going to bed at night, recall what you have studied all through the day. Wherever you get stuck, check it the next day before starting with the targets of the next day. Revision is must.
  • Get help from your teacher, ask for the important chapter to study first. Put these chapters in the schedule first for study.
  • After completing each chapters, refer the old question asked from this chapter, to know the type of questions asked frequently.
  • Not that u need to study for 14-15 hours in a day continuously. Give 5-10 minutes interval in between each 2 hrs.
  • Make a TIMETABLE for Month or week and strictly follow it.
  • Take proper sleep of 6-7 hours and do not waste your time on other unwanted things.
  • Also solve previous year paper by taking a 3 hours and solving it like you do in your exam room. That gives us practice.
  • Do sample papers and question sets after going to read the important parts of the chapter.
  • Which subject you think is hard for study you spend more time on time but at the same time don’t ignore other subjects.
  • Solve past paper question and answers and concentrate on which questions come more frequently…must read that questions.
  • The above points to help u read for board exams.

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