How to Study for long hours

How to Study for long hours with concentration?


When it comes to study for long hours, students are not able to concentrate because on one side there is a pressure to complete some topics on time and on the other side we fail to do so. So here the question pops out, what is the solution to study for long hours without getting bored from it? The solution is very simple. You have to make your subject interesting as that of songs and movies. Here are few tips :

  1. Find a peaceful place:

    Firstly, find a silent place where no one is listening to you. It may be any room of yours where you can find peace because to concentrate you first need a place where you are away from all sort of gossips or any talk related to this. As you get into that zone your mind will automatically think positive and it will start working in the right direction.

  2. Select a subject to study:

    Suppose you are having trouble in any of your subjects. Pick that subject, and collect all the study material regarding that subject. Gather all the material from all the sources before studying.

  3. Teach it yourself:

    Teaching is the best way to learn a subject. If you don’t get any student to teach don’t worry! Start by taking a topic read aloud and after that explain that topic to yourself.

How to Study for long hours

  1. Read aloud:

    When we are quiet from outside that doesn’t mean the same thing is happening inside. When we read in our mind what happens is that our mind gets into some other memories and the focus, it’s important to read aloud so that your mind will stay awake when it should be instead of roaming here and there.

  2. Switch off your phone:

    cell phones these days are the most distractive things. You can switch off your phone so that for few hours you are away from all those messages and gossips that takes you away from your studies. Most of the time students use their cell phone to search a topic what happens after that in mid of all that message pop up and when they click to read out the content they get lost.

  3. Group study:

    Group Study is a way where you can get the immediate response or solution from someone in a group if you stuck somewhere in the chapter. There will be someone to guide you the exact meaning of the topic. That will help you saving your time and maintaining concentration.

  4. reward yourself:

    Make a good strategy to study. Give yourself a reward after it ways encourages you to complete on time. you can also play a plank with your mind by saying that after finishing this topic you will watch your favorite television show.

  5. Innovative technique:

    Innovative techniques will help you memorize or learn things easily so that you don’t feel bored after sometime. It should be created so that it holds you up for a longer period of time and which makes you learn more.

By all those tricks you could be able to concentrate for long hours.

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