How to Download YouTube Video without Software?


Want to become a hacker! Just follow these methods to hack or download YouTube Videos without any software or Add on.,

Different ways to Download an YouTube Videos for Free

Method 1:-
Do you believe that downloading YouTube videos online can be done without any software or add-on?

1. Just add ÔÇťssÔÇŁ to the video URL to launch the YouTube downloading process
2. Your download will begin in a short time
Original URL:-
URL with ss:-
3. Save Your files by selecting respective dimensions of videos.

Method 2:-

One more method to download YouTube videos for free without any software.

1. Just remove or edit the YouTube URL.
2. Remove “ube” from the URL.
Original URL:-
URL without ube:-
3. Now it will show the options with different file format or dimensions.
4. Click Save and enjoy your offline videos

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Frequently Asked Questions for Downloading YouTube Videos

How can I download YouTube videos directly?

Try free Online Softwares to download YouTube Videos

How do I download YouTube videos in Chrome?

Just add “ss” in the url before youtube – like this and download your files.


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