Diesel Price in Bangalore Today – July 31 2021

As per the new rule from June 2017, Diesel Prices in India will be changed daily and this is known as the dynamic fuel price method. Petrol and Diesel Prices are revised at 06:00 A.M everyday morning. Before this rule Fuel Rates were revised every fortnight. Many factors impact the prices of fuel. These include Rupees to US dollars exchange rates, global cues, cost of Crude oil, demand for fuel, and many more to come on this… Whenever international crude oil prices gain, Fuel Prices in India move higher. Price of fuel includes Excise Duty, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Dealer commission. VAT varies according to different state governments. After adding Excise Duty, Dealer commission and VAT and the retail selling price of the petrol and Diesel gets nearly doubled.

Diesel price in Bangalore

Date Price
July 31 2021 ₹ 95.26 ⇔

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Prices may be differ from outlet to outlet within a state/city/town/village areas.

Frequently Asked Questions on Diesel Rate in Bangalore

Diesel is Flammable or Non-Flammable?

Diesel is flammable but less flammable than petrol and gasoline.

Who invented Diesel?

Rudolf Diesel invented Diesel and Diesel Engine in the year 1892.

What is the Density of Diesel?

Density of Diesel is about 0.832 kg/L

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