Petrol Price in Bangalore Today – July 31 2021

Petrol and Diesel prices in india will be changed daily at 6 am. Before Petrol(Gasoline) price will be decided every 15 days now it was revised to Daily basis.

How Petrol Price is Decided in India

Nowadays Complete Indian Economy is under GST but Fuel prices are not in this category. Now, the petrol prices are fixed by the excise duty + VAT. While the excise duty is decided by the central government, the VAT was decided by the state government’s revenue.

The price of diesel and petrol is the sum of excise duty, VAT, the price to dealers, and the commission pocketed by dealers.

Petrol price in Bengaluru – July 31 2021

Live Petrol Price
₹ 105.20 ⇔

Petrol prices in many cities in India will vary due to state tax and transport charges.

Petrol Prices may differ from outlet to outlet within a state/city/town/village.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Petrol Price in Bangalore

What Time Petrol Price will be Changed?

Petrol price will be changed daily at 6 a.m

What is the price of petrol in Chennai Today?

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When Petrol will be Decreased?

When Crude oil price is decreasing Petrol price in India also get decreased.

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