Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Watermelon Price in Hyderabad Today –

Apple/सेब1 Kg220.00
Avocado/एवोकाडो1 Kg180.00
Black Grape/काला अंगूर1 Kg80.00
Cherry/चेरी1 Kg600.00
Coconut/नारियल1 Piece30.00
Custard Apple/शरीफा1 Kg140.00
Dates/पिंड खजूर1 Kg480.00
Fig/अंजीर1 Kg180.00
Gooseberry/करौंदा1 Kg220.00
Green Banana/हरा केला1 Kg60.00
Green Grape/हरा अंगूर1 Kg80.00
Jackfruit/कटहल1 Kg170.00
Lemon/नींबू1 Kg175.00
Mango/आम1 Kg70.00
Mosambi1 Kg60.00
Orange/संतरा1 Kg70.00
Papaya/पपीता1 Kg90.00
Peach/आडू1 Kg230.00
Pear/नाशपाती1 Kg185.00
Pineapple/अनन्नास1 Kg90.00
Plum/आलूबुखारा1 Kg280.00
Pomegranate/अनार1 Kg130.00
Sapota/सहायता1 Kg90.00
Strawberry/स्ट्रॉबेरी1 Kg420.00
Watermelon/तरबूज1 Kg25.00
Yellow Banana/पीला केला1 Kg65.00

Fruit price in Hyderabad Market to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness.

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