How to Crack NEET Exam 2021


Follow these Tips To Crack NEET 2020 – 21

  1. To collect all the details about the officially prescribed syllabus for NEET examination.
  2. Study for at least 8-10 hours daily. Make targets for yourself and try achieving them. so that you don’t end up losing your confidence.
  3. Create a new time-table for your exam preparations. To must follow the timetable regularly and increase your potential step by step daily.
  4. Plan your schedule in such a way that there are no long hours of study. Include frequent intervals between study hours so that your mind is not blocked.
  5. To refer to the good prescribed books and study materials. Prioritize and Work extra on your weaker areas. you should focus more on the weak topics. Do not avoid the weaker areas as it might weaken your preparation.
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  7. Practice writing the mock test & also the previous year’s question papers. It is very useful to us.
  8. To check the mistakes while practicing and correct those mistakes and never repeat them again. Always make it a point to evaluate your performance based on your preparation.
  9. Stay stress less and be healthy during preparing for exams. Your study schedule would involve long hours and late nights, which can affect your health.
  10. Don’t try to read the new topics at end of exam preparations.
  11. Keep yourself motivated. Because motivation is known to cause miracles. Don’t think that you can’t achieve your goals. Whenever negative thoughts are surrounded us it’s had a chance to break the target.

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