Trip To Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills (Nandi Beta) or Nandidurg is a place where people likes to go every week with their families. This place was located in Chikkaballapur. It was Located around 62km away from Bangalore city.

This place was one of the best Holiday Spot for all Bangalore People because it was situated at a height of 4851 feet above Sea Level.
Trip To Nandi Hills
This place covered with many History . This place is also called as Tipu Sultan Fort the 18thCentury Ruler. This fort has many Stone Carvings and Wall Paintings. There was a temple located in top of the hills named Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple The Lord is Guarded by Huge Bull (Nandi) Statue.

Important Place to Visit at Nandi Hills:-

  1. Tipu’s Drop
  2. Nandhi Temple
  3. Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple
  4. Bhoga Nandishwara Temple
  5. Skandagiri Hills
  6. Sunrise View Point
  7. Nandi Hill Caves

This was the place where River Palar, Pennar and Arkavati Originate here. Anyhow all sources have dried up.

People can make Cycling, Paragliding in Nandi Hills. Nandi hills have many Restaurants with Fire Camp at Night time. People can enjoy their Holiday with 100% Fun. Morning Sunshine View makes people to come again and again to Nandi Hills with their Loved One.

Top of Nandi Hills

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