GK Questions for Class 3

Important GK Questions for Class 3

General Knowledge is that the awareness of a good range of reliable information about several subjects, like important events, people, history, geography, scientific phenomena, mathematical facts, and lots more. Students should acquire this type of data from their early stages and retain the knowledge in their memory for the end of the day. Here, we’ve curated the list of maths, science, and General Awareness GK Questions with answers for all class 3 Students. So, access the links provided below and directly jump into the section that you simply require for better practice.

Topics Covered in this Class 3 GK Questions Section

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Maths GK Questions for Class 3 Students with Answers

The length of a field can be measured in Millimetres/Metres/Kilometres?

☛ Correct Answer = Metres

The distance between Mumbai and Hyderabad can be measured in Centimetres/ Metres/Kilometres?

☛ Correct Answer = Kilometres

When a number is multiplied by zero, the answer you get is always ____?

☛Correct Answer = Zero

Half of an apple is greater than, equal to or less than one-third of an apple?

☛Correct Answer = Half of an apple is greater than one-third of an apple

One-fourth of a cake is greater than, equal to or less than one-third of that cake?

☛Correct Answer = One-fourth of a cake is less than one-third of that cake

Weight of a person is measured in litres/kilometres/kilograms?

☛Correct Answer = Kilograms

Eight o’clock in the evening is 8 am or 8 pm?

☛Correct Answer = 8 pm

How many hours are there in a day?

☛Correct Answer = 24 hours

425 x 1= _______?

☛Correct Answer = 425

555 x 10= _______?

☛Correct Answer = 5550

How many minutes are there in an hour?

☛Correct Answer = 60 minutes

1 L is equal to how many grams?

☛Correct Answer = 1000 ml

The largest 4 digit number is?

☛Correct Answer = 9999

425 + 30 = ___ + 425?

☛Correct Answer = 30

3025 + 0 = ___?

☛Correct Answer = 3025

4654 x 0 = ___?

☛Correct Answer = 0

2789 – ____ = 2789?

☛Correct Answer = 0

Science GK Questions for Class 3 Students with Answers

What is the name of the largest moon of Saturn?

☛Correct Answer = Titan

Which planet in our Solar System takes the longest time to complete its revolution around the Sun?

☛Correct Answer = Neptune

Which planet in our Solar System has thousands of spectacular rings around it?

☛Correct Answer = Saturn

What is French scientist Louis Pasteur famous for?

☛Correct Answer = Discovering the principle of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization.

Which is the smallest bird in the world?

☛Correct Answer = Bee Hummingbirds

Who invented the Computer?

☛Correct Answer = Charles Babbage

Who invented the Light Bulb?

☛Correct Answer = Thomas Alva Edison

Which planet in our solar system is known as the Red Planet?

☛Correct Answer = Mars

What is the name of the biggest planet in our solar system?

☛Correct Answer = Jupiter

Who invented the Telephone?

☛Correct Answer = Alexander Graham Bell

GK Questions on India for Class 3 with Answers

Who is known as the Iron Man of India?

☛Correct Answer = Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Who was the first woman Prime Minister of India?

☛Correct Answer = Indira Gandhi

Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?

☛Correct Answer = Dr B. R. Ambedkar

Who was the first woman President of India?

☛Correct Answer = Pratibha Patil

What is the National Animal of India?

☛Correct Answer = Tiger

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More Important GK Questions for Class 3 Students

1. Which is the holiest river of India?

Correct Answer is = Ganges

2. Which city of India is called ‘Pink City’?:

Correct Answer is = Joypur

3. Who won the first Nobel prize in India?

Correct Answer is = Rabindranath Tagore

4. Where is the Longest Corridor in India ?

Correct Answer is = Rameshwaram Temple Corridor (5000 feet)

5. What is 35+12=?

Correct Answer is = 47

6. Holkar Trophy is associated with which sport?

Correct Answer is = Bridge

7. Term Chinaman is related to which sports ?

Correct Answer is = Cricket

8. Divide 158/4=?

Correct Answer is = 39.5

9. Wellington Trophy is related to which game ?

Correct Answer is = Rowing

10. With which game does Santosh Trophy is associated?

Correct Answer is = National Football

11. What is the name of person which controls a football match?

Correct Answer is = A referee

12. Which of the following is the first calculating device?

Correct Answer is = Abacus

13. Who invented mechanical calculator called Pascaline?

Correct Answer is = Blaise Pascal

14. Who among the following considered as the ‘father of artificial intelligence’?

Correct Answer is = John McCarthy

15. Which was the world’s first successful electronic computer?

Correct Answer is = ENIAC electronic Numerical Integrator and computer

16. Which was first virus detected on ARPANET, the forerunner of the internet in the early 1970s?

Correct Answer is = Creeper Virus

17. How the quality of printer is measured?

Correct Answer is = Dots per Inch

18. What is the place where books are kept called?

Correct Answer is = Library

19. How many digits are there in Mathematics?

Correct Answer is = Infinite

20. How many bananas will there be in a dozen bananas?

Correct Answer is = 12

21. Who is Mickey Mouse?

Correct Answer is = Cartoon Character

22. Who is the author of “God of Small Things”?

Correct Answer is = Arundhati Roy

23. What is the value of Pie?

Correct Answer is = 3.14 (22/7)

24. What is the position of Earth in our Solar system?

Correct Answer is = Third

25. Which is the biggest continent?

Correct Answer is = Asia

26. How many wonders do we have in the world?

Correct Answer is = Seven

27. Who is the author of “Julius Caesar”?

Correct Answer is = William Shakespeare

28. When is UN day celebrated?

Correct Answer is = October 24

29. What are constellations?

Correct Answer is = Group of stars

30. Which planet is known as “The Blue Planet”?

Correct Answer is = Earth

31. What is the person who compiles a dictionary called?

Correct Answer is = Lexicographer

32. What is the driver of a Train called?

Correct Answer is = Loco Pilot

33. What is the full form of RBI?

Correct Answer is = Reserve Bank of India

34. What is the “Fear of Darkness” called?

Correct Answer is = Nyctophobia

35. Who is the first Prime Minister of India?

Correct Answer is = Jawaharlal Nehru

36. Who found the concept of “Gravitation” for the first time?

Correct Answer is = Issac Newton

37. Which colour starts with the letter “G”?

Correct Answer is = Green

38. What comes after the number 5?

Correct Answer is = 6

39. During which festival does Santa come to visit?

Correct Answer is = Christmas

40. How many fingers do you have in one hand?

Correct Answer is = 5 fingers

41. What do you drink that comes from a cow?

Correct Answer is = Milk

42. How many months are there in a year?

Correct Answer is = 12

43. How many days are there in a week?

Correct Answer is = 7

44. How many days are there in a year?

Correct Answer is = 365

45. What is 2+2?

Correct Answer is = 4

46. Which number comes after 6?

Correct Answer is = 7

47. Name 3 root vegetables?

Correct Answer is = Beets, carrots, and radish are root vegetables.

48. Which colour is the symbol of peace?

Correct Answer is = The colour white is the symbol of peace.

49. Which is the largest growing crop of Darjeeling?

Correct Answer is = The largest growing crop of Darjeeling is Tea leaves.

50. Which islands are part of India?

Correct Answer is = The Lakshadweep island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands belong to India.

Frequently Asked Questions of Class 3 GK Questions

Who Is Our President Of India 2021?

Ram Nath Kovind is our President.

Who Is Our Prime Minister of India 2021?

Shri Narendra Modi is our Prime Minister.

Who Is Our Finance Minister of India 2021?

Nirmala Sitharaman is our Finance Minister.

Who Is Our Defence Minister of India 2021?

Rajnath Singh is our Defence Minister.

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